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Good Spring Herbal Tea,100-year-old Herbal Tea Shop in Central 中環春回堂

In Central, there is a century-old herbal tea shop/ Chinese Medicine Clinic which is worth to visit.

春回堂 (Good Spring) was established in 1916. Just like other traditional Chinese medicine clinic, this shop serves multi-purposes - its a clinic where there is Chinese Medicine doctor who can do checkups for patients; it is a shop where people can buy Chinese herbs; it is a herbal tea cafe where you can just grab a herbal drink and freshen yourself.

Chinese herbal tea in a Central 春回堂
24-herbs tea, herbal tea made of 24 types of herbs, most common and popular herbal tea

You can order drinks like 24 herbs tea, turtle jelly (yes you read it right, just imagine it is herbal tea in jelly). When herbal teas are usually served hot or warm, they also provide cold drinks such as cold ginseng tea.

Some of the drinks are bitter whereas some others are sweet. You can ask the staff there for advice. They are all good and healthy anyway.

The drinks are served in paper cups because of hygienic reason, but it doesn’t mean you have to take away. There are a few tables in the shop where you can just sit down, enjoy the drink, watch people running on the busy streets of Central, which will only cost you just 10 dollars or something.

Coffee moment cafe Central Hong Kong
Coffee moment, with a cup of healthy herbal tea


8 Cochrane St, Central


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