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Travel Tips When Typhoon Is Appoarching Hong Kong

Peak typhoon season of Hong Kong is between July and September. Hong Kong Obervatory would issue warning signals when typhoon approaches 800km of Hong Kong and poses a threat of deteriorating conditions. Therefore people would know how to prepare according to the weather conditions.

Warning signals is a 5-level systems with numbers of 1, 3, 8, 9, 10.

  • Signal no. 1. It’s a purely advisory to alert people that a typhoon is approaching Hong Kong within 800km of Hong Kong. Strong wind is not expected.

  • Signal no. 3. Strong wind is expected soon. Public transportation will stay normal but may change due to worsening conditions.

  • Signal 8, 9 & 10. People should be alert when it is issued. They are signals of storm. People are advised to stay indoors and away from exposed windows and doors to avoid flying debris. Public transports like ferries and bus services will stop. Taxi services are supposed to stop also. However some taxi drivers may choose to be in operation and will ask for surcharge. People are not advised to take taxis because car insurance will not cover any damage caused when signal no. 8 is issued. If travel is necessary, people can choose to take MTR which will stay in service.

*The difference between signal no. 8, 9 & 10 is mainly the force of the wind, which no. 10 is the strongest.

** Flights will depart or land according to the weather condition rather than the signals. There were cases that flights are delayed when no.3 is issued whereas flights may land or take off from HK airport. Visitors are advised to contact the airlines for flight status.

To receive the most updated news of typhoon, please visit the website of Hong Kong Observatory.

Or our Facebook page of Hongkonguide.

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