3 Things You Need When Traveling in Hong Kong During Summer

1. Umbrella

Hong Kong is a small city surrounded by the ocean. Weather can be unstable that there can be sunny periods and showers on the same day.

2. Portable Electric Fan

Portable electric fans became popular in Asia since 2017. They are Micro-USB rechargeable which can last for 1-1.5 hours per charge. You can see shops around selling different colours, designs and brands at prices between HKD$35-200. The brand of the portable fan shown in the photo above may not have the best looking but it is considered to produce the strongest wind.

3. Jacket

Yes. You may need to carry an "indoor jacket" with you. Because air conditioning in many shops and restaurants are too cold. It has been a problem of Hong Kong for many years. If you are unfortunate to sit under air outlet and you feel cold, a jacket can save you.

Or you can try to tell the store manager that it is too cold. Then the manager may tell you it is a central air-conditioning system so they couldn't do anything about it. You can consider switching seats with your friends who don't mind cold air.

Therefore you can consider bringing the lightest jacket of yours just in case.