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Best Calligraphy Master’s work as Souvenir in Hong Kong!

In Hong Kong, calligraphy is not limited on papers. Before computer fonts were invented, calligraphy masters were hired to create the signs for shops and buildings which you can still find around Hong Kong.

Wa Gor is one of the most famous Chinese calligraphy masters in Hong Kong because he designs the movie titles for Hong Kong’s best movie makers such as Wong Kar Wai, Stephen Chow and Johnnie To.That’s why I think getting his calligraphy can be a very cool gift for yourself or your friends when you are in HK.

Actually I have an idea that this gift can become two. We will tell you how to do it in this video!

To contact Wa Gor for calligraphy artwork or private lesson, you can contact his school or email HONGKONGUIDE via


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