Capture Chow Yun Fat

Hong Kong Actor of blockbusters “A Better Tomorrow“, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, Chow Yun Fat is an international superstar. Up until now he is not only popular but also respected by Hong Kongers because of his down-to-earth lifestyle.

Chow Yun Fat only spends money like this in movie. From movie "A Better Tomorrow"

Even though he is a superstar, he has been spotted many times that he was taking the metro or shopping at wet market just like everybody else. Thousands of citizens have bumped into him on the streets and he would never say no when fans asking for a selfie together. There is a local term “ 野生捕獲發哥” which literally means ”Brother Fat captured in the wild” that reflects how surprising and glad it is when people meeting the superstar. And there is a Facebook page collecting the selfies of Chow and his fans.

HONGKONGUIDE has researched the most common places where people usually bump into him. If you have a chance to meet "Brother Fat", please make sure you ask Brother Fat nicely without disturbing him.

1. Kowloon City

It is famous that Kowloon City Market and Cooked Food Centre is Brother Fat’s favourite place when buying food ingredients (because he cooks at home). Also sometimes he would eat at the small food stores around the area.

Kowloon City Market and Cooked Food Centre

Address: 102 Nga Tsin Wai Rd, Kowloon City

2. MTR

Brother Fat drives, but he also likes to take the metro MTR when he goes out to take photographs as a hobby. Therefore look around when you are riding MTR, he may be standing behind you.