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Che Kung Temple Station, is it a temple or a train station?

It is about a story which one of my friends from overseas saw “Che Kung Temple Station” years ago. He texted me “You guys have a temple which is also a train station in Hong Kong? That sounds awesome!”. Well, this misunderstanding is a cool concept actually. However Che Kung Temple station is really a station. It is named Che Kung Temple Station because it is next to Che Kung Station.

Che Kung Temple Station is on the Tsuen Ma line of MTR in Hong Kong, which connects to new stations like Kai Tak, Sung Wong Toi (Kowloon City), To Kwa Wan. It is on the line between Ma On Shan and Tsuen Mun.

The temple itself is one of the most popular and famous temples in Hong Kong which is worth a visit! Check out our 360 Vlog about this temple!


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