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Chinese Curry?

Yes. We have a “Hong Kong style” of curry and you may have heard of it - best example is “Curry fish ball” which is the icon of Hong Kong street food.  


In mid-19th century when the British started colonizing Hong Kong, they brought Indians with them. Those Indians were the first ones to bring curry to Hong Kong. Then some of them started trading spices in Hong Kong. Some of the local Chinese people started using curry and integrated into local cuisine.

What is the difference?

Hong Kong style curry adds coconut milk, similar to Malaysian style, and tends to be less spicy (still more spicy than Japanese curry which is sweeter).

Where to find?

Most popular curry food that local people eat in everyday life:

  1. Curry fish balls in every street food stalls

  2. Curry squid in street food stalls and Chinese dim sum restaurants (steamed) but not every shop has it

  3. Curry beef brisket, it usually comes with rice or in rice noodles soup.


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