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Chow Yun Fat’s Choice of Chinese Dessert!

This place needs no introduction indeed. Kai Kai dessert is a popular dessert shop in Hong Kong known for its traditional Chinese sweets and desserts. Their menu includes a wide variety of options ranging from hot and cold dishes to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Some of their signature items are sweet such as red bean soup, black sesame soup, and almond tea etc.

Kai Kai dessert is very famous and beloved by both locals and tourists alike for its delicious and authentic Chinese desserts. Not only it is recommended by Michelin Guide, but also it was told that Superstar Chow Yun Fat, Hong Kong people’s favourite uncle, is a regular customer. One of Chow Yun Fat’s favourite is sweet potato soup with additional glutinous rice balls which have chewy thin skins filled with sesame paste. Plus ginger is added in the soup which adds extra spiciness!