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Jelly in Chinese Restaurants may be a mute button for kids 😆

In traditional big Chinese restaurant, there has been a type of dessert which usually appears during Dim Sum lunch time and it actually doesn’t fit the atmosphere of Chinese restaurants, but it has existed for decades. It is Jelly with an umbrella, and it has a special function of making kids behave.

Yum Cha isn’t a fast meal traditionally. People talk, enjoy the dim sum and tea. read (newspapers and magazines back in the days). Usually it takes over an hour or two to Yum Cha. Young kids usually are not patients enough to sit down that long. They may run or play around which the parents may not like it. Jelly is indeed a very good solution. It is sweet, colourful, it has a wooden toy umbrella to play with. It may be able to make a kid quiet and sit down for an extra 15-30 minutes. Everyone is happy.

However, the problem with the jelly is the umbrella, because it comes with one umbrella only. So if you order one jelly for two kids or more. It may end up causing more troubles because the children may fight for the only umbrella. Moreover, jellyfish is “contagious”. When one kid from a table gets it, kids from other tables will want it also, which gives the parents no choice.

Jelly in Chinese restaurants is “dying” which is hard to find nowadays. But it is very nostalgic to see in old Chinese dim sum restaurants. Make sure you try one. The umbrella is always fun to play actually.