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Designers’ Fire Station

Design District Hong Kong has invited 5 local typographic designers Adonian Chan, Choi Kim Hung, Mak Kai-hang, Renatus Wu and Calvin Kwok to design 5 sets of bilingual typography to pay respect to the firemen of Hong Kong.

Designer: Adonian Chan The font “Hong Kong Beiwei” was once a font most commonly used on street signs, packaging, tea cans, advertisements, publications, notices, even on gravestone.

In this design, CHAN used “Hong Kong Beiwei Zansyu” to recreate the Chinese word “Fire Station”, and matched it with modern looking font “Mark Pro” to create a clean look.

Designer: Mak Kai Hang Stencil Printing is a traditional industrial printing technique widely used on street shovel, wooden doors, wall and other common materials on the street.

Mak Kai Hang used a custom-made font "Mechanical Mincho" with stenciled hollow processing features, custom-designed "Fire station’ in Chinese, to pay tribute to the street text.

Designer: Calvin Kwok KWOK once developed a font inspired by movies. He decided to incorporate the font to match the unique shape of the gate.

The fire station is located at Harbour Road, Wan Chai, a unique fire station in Hong Kong for Instagram photos (and saving HK) !

Looking for the other two designs? Go check out the fire station!

Address: Kong Wan Fire Station, 14 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Source: Design District Hong Kong, City Magazine


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