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Do you know there are 3 ways to eat fish skins in Hong Kong?

When it’s head-to-tail, HK people know it well. In Chinese cuisine, not only we cook and eat fish head and tail, we know how to turn fish skin into delicacy, in different ways.

1. Half-raw, half cooked fish skin

Don’t worry, the fish skin is safe to eat, just the way they cook is they don’t over cook the carp fish skin which keeps it tender and moisture. The way to eat that is combining shallot, chilli and seasoned with white pepper and soya sauce, eat everything with one bite. You will taste heaven.

Sun Kau Kee Noodles (only available on Saturday), Wan Chai

Five Dragon Congee & Wonton Noodle shop

2. As snacks

When fish skin is deep fried, it can be made as snacks. You can buy different flavours of fish skins from supermarkets or food stores in Hong Kong now. One of the most popular type is salted egg flavour. Actually salted egg can turn anything delicious.

3. In hotpot/ pair with fish ball noodles

Hotpot set

Technically, you dip the deep fried fish skin into a tasty hot soup. Don’t soak it for too long. Some says 1 second, some says 3 seconds. Find the perfect timing for you.

Order fish skin to pair with noodles soup

Man Hung Kee Noodles

274 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai


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