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Get 50% discount on Airport Express fares when taking taxi as a feeder, great deal?

Present a taxi receipt of HK$40 or above on the same date of issue at Kowloon or Tsing Yi Station to enjoy an Airport Express 50% discount offer to the Airport. This offer starts from today until 30 June 2020. Is this a great deal?

This is one of the examples of how to get this offer:

1. You and your friends stay at an hotel in Mong Kok, take a taxi to Kowloon station.

2. Make sure the taxi fare is above $40, ask for the receipt (or show these Chinese words to the taxi driver to ask for receipt: 我要收據).

3. Go to Airport Express customer service centre and show the taxi receipt with you and your friends’ octopus cards to the staff to redeem the offer. With up to 5 octopus cards you can redeem this offer with each taxi receipt.

4. Use in-town check-in service if needed before entering the gate.

*Note: the more persons you travelling with, the less money you may be able to save with this offer actually.

For example, taxi fare from Mong Kok to Airport is around $225 (taxi reference here).

If you are a group of four, taxi fare from Mong Kok to Kowloon station is around $40, each person’s fare of Airport Express to the airport is $50 (half priced), so 4x$50+$40=$240 which is indeed more expensive than taking a taxi from Mong Kok straight to the airport, but you can enjoy the in-town check-in service instead.

If you are a group of two, it will be 2x$50+$40=$140. Then it can actually save you some money.

For more details, please visit the official site of MTR here:


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