Hand-painted Porcelain Shop in Hong Kong

The seventh day of the seventh month of lunar calendar is Double Seventh Festival 七夕節 which is one of the Valentine’s Day in Chinese tradition. There are three famous temples in Peng Chau, where people would visit to pray for romance 🥰.

Besides visiting temples in Peng Chau, there are plenty attractions in this peaceful island. One of my favourite is the Chiu Kee Porcelain Shop, one of the last hand-painted porcelain shops in Hong Kong. The owner Mrs Lam is still operating the shop and hand painting different porcelains every day, or doing workshops by appointments.

It may be a shop, but I see a porcelain museum. Mrs Lam is too friendly that you can feel free to talk to her, exchange ideas and ask about he history of each art piece. Make sure you be careful while in the shop. There are many not-for-sale items which are priceless because they were painted before Mr Lam passed away years ago.