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HK Pulse Light Festival

Claiming to be the biggest-ever outdoor light art display in Hong Kong, HK Pulse Light Festival will start running from today until 24 February 2019, including 18 creative light art installations from around the world and by Hong Kong-based artists.

Some of the installations are interactive. E.g. the LightPiano, visitors can change the lighting arrangement through the touch of piano keys to create their own unique musical light show, can be very romantic moments for lovers.

Romantic Moment - LightPiano

Lightbattle X - by pushing the pedals, the contestant who pushes the beam of light to the middle first is the winner

hmm.... this logo looks familiar...

Even chairs got style here

Great place to enjoy the greatest Victoria Harbour

Date: today until 24 Feb 2019

Address: Central and Western District Promenade - Central Section


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