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戲曲中心《開心穿粵》全港首個AI粵劇機械人搶先看!Hong Kong's 1st Robot Actor of Cantonese Opera in Xiqu Centre!

The venue is called Tea House Theatre 茶館劇場 because back in the days watching Cantonese Opera was a luxury entertainment. Rich people would watch the opera while enjoying tea and dim sum.

This “Magic Tea House”開心穿粵 show is about a young kid meeting his great grandfather who is a ghost and a Cantonese Opera lover, and then the old man introduces Cantonese Opera to his grandson.

The design of the robot actor is based on Hong Kong’s most famous Cantonese Opera Actor Mr Law Kar Ying 羅家英. With the introductions from his character, people who don’t know anything about Cantonese opera can understand the show, and also it has English subtitles for people who don’t speak Cantonese.

After the show, don’t forget to take photos with the robot. “Magic Tea House” is a very unique experience. I am sure both newcomers and Cantonese Opera lovers would enjoy the show.

Purchase tickets:


Xiqu Centre

88 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui

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