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How to link Hong Kong Octopus Card with your iPhone & Apple Watch via Apple Pay now

Hong Kong transit card company Octopus Cards Limited has launched their card service with Apple Pay. Here is how to set it up on your iPhone and or Apple Watch.

Make sure you have updated your iPhone to the latest firmware.

1. First you will need to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone Wallet. Go to "Wallet" App in your iPhone. Press the "+" button.

2. Choose Octopus under Transit Cards

3. To set up a new Octopus card, you can choose how much to charge the card. Note that an extra $50 will be charged as refundable deposit.

4. Confirm to charge the new Octopus card via your Apple Pay.

5. It is set!

6. You can now use your new Octopus card on your iPhone just like how you use Apple Pay.

How to set up on your Apple Watch:

1. Go to "Apple Watch" app on your iPhone, and the "Wallet" column.

You can choose to add your Octopus card which was just set up.

2. Note that if you choose to use the Octopus card on your Apple Watch, you will not be able to pay via your iPhone. Make your choice.

3. Done! Your Apple Watch is set up and is set to work automatically without requiring to double click side button.


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