“Initial D” iconic Fujiwara Tofu Store comes to live in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Initial D Fujiwara Tofu store

Popular Japanese street racing animation “Initial D” has inspired many fans to collect the vehicles appeared in the animation. Toyota AE86 driven by the main character Takumi Fujiwara is one of the most popular collections. There are three “Initial D“ die-hard fans in Hong Kong who have done it even further - they decorated their shop to look like Takumi’s home - the iconic Fujiwara Tofu Store to be part of their collections.

It all started when one of the shop owners, Kelvin, has collected Takumi’s Toyota AE86 and he thought maybe he should have a shop which looks like the Tofu store in the animation to be another of his collection. Then he met the other two partners and spent three months decorating it.

The shop sells car accessories and toys, but no tofu. They welcome any fan to drive their cars and take photos in front of their shop, and of course feel free to visit their shop and exchange ideas about cars and the animation with them!