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Instagram Spot for Blood Donors in Hong Kong

We found out there is an extra “reward” when you give blood in Hong Kong.

In Red Cross’s Causeway Bay Blood Donor Centre, it looks just like an ordinary blood donor centre: you register, give blood, and rest before you leave.

In the resting area, there are some props for blood donors to take photos with, but we are not talking about this. It is actually this window.

It shows the scene of Canal Road Flyover, Victoria Harbour & Tsim Sha Tsui. The centre closes at 7pm so blood donor can visit the centre at 6pm so you can enjoy the scenery during sunset.

It may not be a big “reward”, but indeed it is unexpected from a blood donation centre to have such a beautiful scenery. Go visit it if you are eligible to give blood!

Causeway Bay Blood Donation Centre


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