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Temple Street Night Market Still Worth To Go?

Some people have been saying Temple Street Night Market has changed because it has been focusing at shopping experiences for tourists and has lost its original local style. Therefore Hongkonguide has reviewed it again to see whether it is still worth to go.

The answer is Yes.

But first of all, let us give you a brief introduction about Temple Street Market.

Temple Street with a Temple

The street was named because of the Tin Hau Temple located there. It’s pretty quiet during daytime actually. Night Market Stalls start to open from sunset and until late night (11pm onwards).

One end of Temple Street is Jordan Road, two blocks away from Jordan Station exit A; the other end is Man Ming Lane, one block away from Yau Ma Tei Station exit C.


Some of the stuff they sell can be found in street markets from other Asian countries: Bluetooth headphones and speakers, handbags, watches, phone cases. Some of them have big logos which you may question their authenticity. You know what I mean.

Above: Dresses not very popular among Hong Kong women, tend to target at tourists.

Below: Souvenir with oriental features Most of them don’t have price tags. You will need to train your bargaining skill.

The local stuff which locals do

Hongkonguide always introduces the real local lifestyles, so what kinds of local stuff people would do around Temple Street Night Market?

Food. We eat everywhere anyway. There are many restaurants around.

Fortune Telling. Temple Street is one of the most popular places for fortune telling service in Hong Kong. That’s the place with the most number of fortune tellers stalls. We do not encourage any superstitious practices. However if you are curious of it, why not? Just to make sure you have an open mind.

Above: an old herbal tea shop with vintage style of display windows. They haven’t changed a thing for decades actually.

Above: people queuing up for fortune telling services. How to tell which fortune teller is good?

Who knows?

Surprise from the 70s

When people visit the market they expect to see the local life of people, and stuff they would buy.


Water chestnuts stick!

In case you have never tried water chestnuts. It is not a nut. it is the root of a plant and has a very unique texture which is like chewing an apple.

This was a snack selling on the street during the 60s! This is the memory for grandfather’s age nowadays. Simply fresh water chestnuts, no sugar added, just to enjoy the texture of it.

(For your information, back in the 60s, one stick would cost 10 HK cents, now is 6 Hong Kong dollars, 60 times more in inflation after 60 years).

So considering this water chestnuts stick and those vintage shops like the herbal tea shop, we would say Temple Street Night Market is still worth to go. Go visit them after dinner and have fun!



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