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It’s the season of hairy crab now 大閘蟹時節

October is the season to eat hairy crab.

Hong Kong people love to eat hairy crab from Shanghai. It is not hard to see shops full of hairy crabs (and only hairy crabs) during the season like this:

This kind of shops sell hairy crabs so people can cook (steam) them at home. Other eaters can try them at big Chinese restaurants.

Many people usually prefer the female crabs for the roes. Because of its small size, many people may feel it difficult to get the meat out, but you know, no pain no gain. You will find it worth it after you have tasted the first one.

See the hairy claw?

Some people prefer the original taste, some people like to dip the crab meat with the ginger vinegar sauce to raise aroma. In average people would eat around 3-4 pieces each time. After finishing the crabs, the person would drink a small cup of Chinese yellow wine.

Vinegar sauce with ginger

Hairy crab is tasty and usually the tricky part is breaking the crab which requires some skills. If you want to know more about it, please feel free to email us or message us via Instagram or Facebook @hongkonguide!

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