Looking for Zen and Bruce Lee in Hong Kong?

“Coombe” is a unique place in Hong Kong. It was founded by the founder of the “White House” in Hong Kong. You can imagine if you have seen HONGKONGUIDE vlog about the White House a few years ago. Coombe is also a place for people to calm, to think, to enjoy a getaway from their busy lives. Not only it is a healing place for your mind, but also for your body too. You can do yoga, enjoy high quality rare tea and calligraphy here.

Coombe has collaborated with Bruce Lee Club to offer a “Be Water” Exhibition. Visitors can have access to Coombe, read rare Bruce Lee book collections, calligraphy tribute to Bruce by local artists, look for Zen through the philosophy of Bruce, most importantly, take a break.

*Note: all visits to Coombe is by reservation only. For more details, please contact @coombehk