‘My Hong Kong, My Way’ TV series aired in Hong Kong Open TV Channel

Co-produced by HONGKONGUIDE, the Hong Kong Tourism Board is set to release its latest TV programme, My Hong Kong, My Way, the second episode on October 30th on Hong Kong Open TV channel at 10:30pm.

This episode features Singaporean's favourite celebrity chef, restaurateur and TV host Willin Low (see his IG here. Warning: explicit food porns.) as Michelle Loo's guest.

When celebrity chef meets gourmet connoisseur, you know this trip is gotta be foodie, and amazing. Handmade Hong Kong sea salt; fresh catch and cook; wet market discovering fruit that both of them have never seen before; marinated Chinese gooseberry, steamed crab in Chiu Chow restaurant, Chinese sweet street food, learning how to make fish tofu... and much more, all in one episode! Believe it or not, this episode will definitely make you hungry.

Make sure you won't miss out this great show! (and also because it was co-produced by HONGKONGUIDE, LOL)

My Hong Kong, My Way

2nd Episode

Hong Kong Open TV

30 October, 2021