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‘My Hong Kong, My Way’ TV series premiere in Malaysia this week

Co-produced by HONGKONGUIDE, the Hong Kong Tourism Board is set to release its latest TV programme, My Hong Kong, My Way, on March 20 on the Asia Entertainment Channel in Malaysia at 5:30pm.

Pornsak (left) Michelle Loo (right)

Hosted by Hong Kong's reputed gourmet connoisseur Michelle Loo, the four-episode programme will follow Southeast Asian influencers in their quest to discover Hong Kong culture and cuisine as well as to fulfil the high expectations of the guests.

The first episode aired on March 20 is starred by Singapore based Thai-Chinese actor & TV host Pornsak Prajakwit. With his Chinese background, Pornsak would like to discover how Chinese traditional culture is modernised in Hong Kong during his trip. Michelle not only impresses Pornsak with an amazing trip such as surprising him with a century-old tangerine peel. Most importantly it is still edible and is eaten by Pornsak!

If you are a viewer in Malaysia, make sure you won't miss out this great show! (and also because it was co-produced by HONGKONGUIDE, LOL)

Co-founder of HONGKONGUIDE, Alpha Cheng (middle), as the director of "My Hong Kong, My Way"

My Hong Kong, My Way

First Episode

Astro AEC Channel

20 March, 2021



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