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Nam Fung Cotton Mills, The Instagram Mills, The DIY Garment Recycle Mills

The Mills was called Nam Fung Cotton Mills since 1954 which had been manufacturing textiles for over 50 years. Recently it was revitalized and became a cool instagrammable landmark, serving multi-purposes.

Exhibition & Art Gallery

There is a section which is about the history of the original textile mills. Textile industry was one of the three biggest industries in Hong Kong between 1950s and 1970s. This place showed how Hong Kong made textiles influenced different of lives of people in hong kong and overseas, from babies to adults, from home to school to work.

Another exhibition section is about different artists making different artworks with textiles, sticking to the theme of the mills.


Similar to PMQ in Central, this place encourages creativity and local brands so there are shops selling custom made watches, handmade soap and lipsticks, and of course clothings.


My friend’s shop “alt” is a local brand which their clothes are made from recycled textiles. Besides, they have a garment to garment service which you can bring your own old clothes and turn it into a brand new one.

Usually it takes two shirts to make a new one. You can try to recycle different colours of shirt in order to make a unique one.

Please check out our YouTube video to see the processes.

In normal cases it should take around two weeks until you get your own shirt. There are cafes and restaurants in the Mills. Don’t forget to visit those places when you go again to take your reborn shirt.

How do you like the recycled shirt idea? Please comment below and let us know!

Address: 45 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan


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