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National Geographic Hong Kong Photo Contest Winners

Recently a photo of Hong Kong won the “Shot on iPhone“ challenge by Apple Inc., another photo contest organised by National Geography also revealed many stunning photos of Hong Kong.

Themed around “Hong Kong Story”, the National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 had four categories including nature, city, people and mobile photography. There were over 4,000 submissions from all around the world.

Recently they have announced the winners and HONGKONGUIDE has picked some of the best ones for our readers.


By Sze Wang. "Indulge in a simple weekend bathing in the pool or under the sun."

By Yiu Chi Wing Charles. "City development means gentrification. While some old neighbourhoods didn't survive, the sentiments did. Locals still see the same moon; they still found love under new, towering buildings. Some things go, some things stay. The city changes, but sentiments remain."

By Tsui Piu. "Workers rushing building repairs at a commercial building in Hung Hom after the attack of Typhoon Mangkhut."


Editor-in-Chief Yungshih Lee of Nat Geo from Taiwan says: “Hong Kong is limited in space but unlimited in shooting subjects. The submissions this year fully captured the city’s richness whether in its people, urban landscapes or nature.”

By Tang Shing Fung. "I see this bridge every time I pass by Tai Shing and saw this 'picture' on a day when I decided to take a different path, which was really just a few steps away from my normal route. But the feeling is entirely different. There must be tons of unexplored angles in this city. Extraordinary and ordinary are just a split-second difference."

By Tai Ho Yan. "To capture this eroded cave in Tung Ping Chau, the ferry times must be right, and you'd have to wait for the annual low tides. It really is a rare opportunity."

Other photos:

By Ip Shiu Cheung. "The boss of a property company manning his petite shop."

By Huie Ying Kit Leka. "Hong Kong is one of the world's most significant financial centre, and is also known for its skyline and Skyscraper."


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