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Not Ladies Market, Check Out This Local Street Market in Sham Shui Po

When people talk about shopping in Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok are usually what come out in people’s mind. Actually Sham Shui Po is another popular local shopping area also. Not only the gadget-computer shopping arcades we talked about, there is a street market next to them.

Unlike Temple Street Night Market, this market is mostly for locals rather than tourists.

Go out from Sham Shui Po Station Exit D2, the street market in Fuk Wa Street is right next to you. This local street market opens between 12pm-8pm every day. The stalls located there sell cheap local stuff like clothes, accessories, bags for decades. A great place to experience local life.

The following photos will give you ideas about what they sell:

Above: Toys, cheap phone cases and accessories

Above: clothes shop for Hong Kong grandmas

Above: Many of these leather belts are made in Italy with low prices vary between USD$15-35. Great quality.

Above: you can check out the shops on the street also.

Above: thinking to get some stuff for your pets?

Above: this shop is famous and popular. They sell Chinese snacks like "Pud Jai Go" which is a pudding cake made of red beans and white sugar/ brown sugar, a popular old-school snack which is worth to try.

Below: Pud Jai Go

Address: Kwan Kee, 10, 115-117 Fuk Wa St, Sham Shui Po