Old Hong Kong Barbershop Is Surprisingly NOT As Old As I Imagined

Hong Kong 🇭🇰 old barbershop 💈 is not as old fashioned as I imagined and is indeed very enjoyable. It reminds me that these uncle barbers were used to be top hairstylists when they were young.

I used to go to barbershop 💈 when I was a kid 👦 , which was pretty normal at that time. As time goes by, like many other people, I switched to modern hair salons for trendy haircut 💇‍♂️ . Barbershop became the place for “old people”.

I decided to go to old barbershops again, just feel like trying again. Actually I felt quite nervous before going there, wondering how it would be, and how the barber would react. When I entered, people working there did act a bit surprised seeing someone my age. (I am not young indeed, but their customers are usually 70-90 years old in average. Yeah, the uncle sitting next to me was 95.)

It was a bit awkward at the beginning, the uncle barber asked me how to do my hair and I answered. Then it was quiet for 10 minutes until I started a conversation, talking about another barbershop. And I made friends with them when I found out the lady working there had some troubles with her phone and I helped her fix it. We then talked about family and kids that we talked like neighbours, which made the experience much more friendly and pleasant.

Back to the haircut, I chose the “full set package” which includes haircut, hair washing and shaving. The haircut turned out surprisingly good, even better than some of the salons which I have been to. That reminded me, (or the uncle barber was trying to prove to me) that uncle barber was a top stylist back in the days. They could deliver.

To be honest, applying shinny hair wax is something that I won’t do, but it doesn’t matter. I knew I would be fine the next day.

What you think about my haircut? What’s your barbershop 💈experience? Comment below and let us know 🙂


7 Fleming Rd, Wan Chai