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Roasted Goose VS Roasted Duck

This is a frequently asked question when our friends visited Hong Kong - "what is the difference between roasted goose and roasted duck?".

"They are similar." We always answered.

But "similar" means there are some parts which are different. If you are interested in the details, here you are:

  • Scientific name: Anser cygnoides domesticus (just kidding)

  • There is a knob on the bill of goose. Duck does not have knob

  • Size of goose is usually bigger than duck.

  • Goose has more meat. Meat colour is a bit red. More fat also.

  • Goose is supposed to have stronger meat flavour.

  • Goose is more expensive than duck. But roasted duck is eaten more often among Hong Kongers in everyday lives.

Therefore, please guess what this is in the photo:


Sham Tseng is an area with a few famous restaurants selling roasted goose. Visiting Sham Tseng often implies going there to eat roasted goose.


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