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Hong Kong Neverland - A Billionaire House with a Theme Park!

This is probably the first ghost house themed park in Hong Kong - Tiger Balm Garden.

The main building is Haw Par Mansion and Tiger Balm Garden is next to it.

The landscaped garden was built by millionaire Aw Boon Haw and his family in 1935 and was opened to the public in the early 1950s, it was believed to be one of the first theme parks in Hong Kong. Mr Aw wanted to promote Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian morality with the park.

Tiger Pagoda is believed to be the first Chinese pagoda in Hong Kong Island

The park sprawled across 3.2 hectares in the hills above Tai Hang. It was a riotously colourful collection of sculptures that surrounded the 44-metre-tall Tiger Pagoda, which could be seen from miles away. The sculptures depicted "eighteen levels of hell" in Chinese mythology that how sinners were subjected to gruesome tortures.

This sculpture described the seventh level of hell: promiscuous women or women who murdered their husbands would be tortured here.

It had drawn numerous visitors back in the days including British Rock&Roll legends John Lennon and David Bowie (please see John Lennon ‘s private tour in HK).

However most of the areas of the Garden was demolished in 2004 and was replaced with modern apartments. The main site, Haw Par Mansion survived. This is how it looks now:

Address: Haw Par Mansion, 15A Tai Hang Rd, Tai Hang (Closed)


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