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The Rock Hits Hong Kong

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson visited Hong Kong in July to promote his latest movie "Skyscraper".

The story is based on the life of former FBI agent and amputee Will Sawyer (Johnson), who lives in the tallest and “safest” skyscraper in Hong Kong with his wife and their children. The skyscraper, known as “The Pearl”, houses several floors that function as their own society. Sawyer expects imminent danger, and true to his belief, “The Pearl” is attacked by terrorists.

During his three days stay in Hong Kong, the Rock visited different places like exploring a Dim Sum restaurant learning how to make dumplings and visiting Sky 100 etc. Moreover, he went to a gym in Tsuen Wan district to work out. The Rock uploaded multiple photos showing him walking on the streets. Hope that he had a nice trip and we will see him again in Hong Kong very soon.

*Note: The skyscraper in the movie world "The Pearl" is purely fictional. It does not exist in Hong Kong.

Below: Video of "Good Morning America" showing The Rock's tour in Hong Kong.

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