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This Herbal Tea Shop is a history museum

Walking in a living museum in Hong Kong Herbal Tea Shop in Sham Shui Po

There is an old Chinese saying “medicine is bitter but it is good for you”.

Herbal tea shop basically sell everything bitter: herbal tea, turtle jelly (and turtle herbal tea), flu tea etc. Chinese medicine methodology emphasises “consolidation” - you don’t have to visit herbal tea shop only when you are sick. You can have herbal tea once in a while to keep you healthy.

One of my favourite herbal tea shops is in Sham Shui Po. Not only because I think their turtle jelly works, but I also love their historical interior, and friendly boss and staff, strong local community culture.

Well here comes the sweetness.

When you walk in there, you will find it instagrammable everywhere - the ceiling, calligraphy, neon light, even the fridge are very vintage and “Hongkongish”.

I always recommend turtle jelly here which you can add maple syrup to cover up the bitterness, or you can order Five-flower tea. It is sweeter.

Btw, when I mentioned their turtle tea works, do you know what it means?😏

Pak Bo Tong

29 Un Chau St, Sham Shui Po


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