[Virtual Travel Bubble Series] Central-Mid-Levels Escalators, how long does it take end-to-end?

As one of the must-do travel experiences of Hong Kong, Central-Mid-Levels Escalators and Walkway system is a unique and interesting experience, because it requires limited walking while sightseeing, and most importantly it is free!

This walkway system connects Central and Mid-Levels with more than 20 escalators which lasts 800m. Wonder how long it takes from one end to another end? Check our Virtual Travel Bubble Series video with 360 degrees VR experience to find out the answer!

First opened in 1993, Central-Mid Level Escalator Walkway is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Since it is the longest covered escalator walkway system in the world, it is 800 metres long. In this video, HONGKONGUIDE is going to walkthrough the whole escalator. How long is it going to take? The results will surprise you!

This video is HONGKONGUIDE’s “Hong Kong VR Travel Bubble” series. Since the world is affected by COVID-19 pandemic, and people can’t visit Hong Kong, we have made this video series so people around the world can travel to Hong Kong virtually, with 360 degrees!

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