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Farewell Bruce Lee Mansion 再見李小龍大宅

Bruce Lee has tremendous number of fans around the world. Many of them would visit Hong Kong and try to commune with him. But many of them may not realise his house in Hong Kong still exists and has been abandoned for years.

However, the original site has been used for Chinese Educational purposes, the mansion was demolished on 24th September, 2019. Sadly, the following video and photos are now memories.

To visit the mansion, you need to go to Kowloon Tong Station, get out from Exit D and then turn left, cross the road and walk along To Fuk Road and Rutland Quadrant, turn into Cumberland Street and keep walking until you see no. 41 and that is the Bruce Lee Mansion.

When Bruce and his family moved in the house in 1972, it was called Crane’s Nest. Bruce spent his last year in the house before his sudden death in 1973. The house was nicely furnished at that time. There was a gym with sand bags and other gears designed by Bruce.

However after his death the house was sold to a millionaire who changed the place to a love motel for rich couples. When the owner died in 2015 and the motel was closed down and left abandoned.

Even though it has been abandoned for years, HONGKONGUIDE founder Alpha Cheng was lucky to see the gate opened one time when a few workers were doing some maintenance work for the place which allowed him to take a closer look and imagine how it used to look back in the days.

The site was changed once only in the 70s so the place still looks similar like before.

Like many other fans in Hong Kong, HONGKONGUIDE hope that Hong Kong government can support and change the mansion to a permanent site of Bruce Lee museum in the near future so he fans can get to know more about the biggest star of Hong Kong.

Address: 41 Cumberland Rd, Kowloon Tong

For the Bruce Lee exhibition in Shatin, please see the guide here.


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