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Where can I find free WiFi in Hong Kong?

We are very frequently asked about where to find free WiFi in Hong Kong. Here are some spots where you may find free WiFi spots:

1. Hong Kong Airport

  1. Remember to disable your data service to avoid roaming charges.

  2. Select “#HKAirport Free WiFi”Launch your internet browser and enter a valid website address.

  3. The login page will appear, click “Agree and Continue” after reading the terms and conditions.

  4. You're connected!

2. Convenient stores - Circle K and 7-11

Many of their stores offer 30-minute section of free WiFi services.

3. McDonald's

Many McDonald's restaurants offer free WiFi for 30 minutes or above per section. Some stores would offer up to 60 minutes per section and 4 sections max per day.

4 Government facilities

Travellers may not be able to locate many government facilities like public library, gymnasium, park etc. But if it happen that you are near one of them, you can try to find free WiFi connections with name "freegovwifi".


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