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Where is the best Tofu shop in Hong Kong?

Kung Wo Beancurd Factory is probably one of the best Tofu shop in Hong Kong because they modernised the traditional way of Tofu shop in Hong Kong.

Basically traditional tofu shop aka factories were everywhere in Hong Kong. The factory is at the back making products like tofu pudding and soya milk. At the front of the shop, people can find so many different items all related to soya beans, from raw ingredients to semi-products to cooked food: sprouts, tofu, fermented tofu, soya milk, tofu pudding, deep-fried tofu and fish cake etc.

Kung Wo in Sham Shui Po has been a famous brand in Hong Kong for decades, not only they serve the neighbourhood as a tofu shop in wet market, but also they provide a wide range of street food for visitors. They have rice rolls, siu mai. Also they have “new” product like tofu ice cream with ginger syrup.

Therefore visitors not only can have the best experience of the atmosphere of a traditional tofu shop by dining there, but also you can buy souvenir like fermented tofu!


Kung Wo Beancurd Factory

Sham Shui Po, 118 Pei Ho St

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