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You can revisit 1950s “State Theatre” of Hong Kong!

Here is your last chance to time travel to 1950s of Hong Kong to visit the biggest theatre of Hong Kong nowadays!

In North Point, Hong Kong Island, there is a theatre which was built in 1952 as "Empire Theatre". It was one of the top theatre at that time with various shows and musicals from all over the world. It was then sold and renamed as "State Theatre" in 1958. The theatre was closed down in 1997 and the shopping mall of it continued to operate.

In 2020, New World Development announced that it would take on the conservation of the Theatre, including the captivating parabolic exoskeleton structure on the rooftop, known as the "flying trusses".

Before launching a complete architectural conservation of the State Theatre, New World Development has announced a specially curated, immersive event called "Discover the State Theatre in All of Us".

In the exhibition, from the moment visitors enter the State Theatre, they will travel back in time to the building’s golden age in the 1950s. At the ticket box office, visitors will receive a vintage style movie ticket, which marks the start of their first-person immersive experience. They will then be invited to play a part in the history of State Theatre – from enjoying world-class performances at the Empire Theatre, and discovering the story of “Little Shanghai”, to the popular Chinese and Western movies shown at the State Theatre.

There are plenty of Instagram spots which you can have fun with your friends.

“Discover the State Theatre in All of Us” Details: Date: 1 – 30 April Time: 10am – 8pm Venue: State Theatre Shopping Arcade in North Point (279 King’s Road, junction with Tin Chong Street)

How to join:

With limited timeslots and crowd control measures, interested members may email to indicate their interest with the first 4 digits of HKID no., excluding letters. Culture for Tomorrow retains sole and absolute discretion to issue invitation to selected members who have registered their interest. Invited members will receive an email containing the designated date and time of admission.

Note: To comply with the COVID-19 safety measures and to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all visitors, this event is not open to the public. Admission to this event is restricted to selected Culture for Tomorrow members who will receive our invitation, and such invitation is not transferable.

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