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60-year-old Tofu Store in Kowloon City Saying Goodbye to Hong Kong…

I have visited this tofu store in Kowloon City since I was a kid. My father used to work in Kai Tak International Airport so he brought me there once in a while back in the days. There was a period of time that I loved tofu pudding so much that my mother decided to learn how to make it, but the main ingredient of tofu pudding, the Gypsum powder was hard to find, so she went to this store to ask how. They were very nice to sell her the powder.

Talking about tofu pudding here. The shop is one of the few stores left in Hong Kong which still uses millstone to grind the soybeans. Most importantly the taste of their tofu pudding or soya milk has the distinct and subtle “burnt” taste and aroma.

The shop is closely connected with the community and neighbourhood, just like most of the old stores in Kowloon City. By the time you sit down you can instantly experience the atmosphere because the owner is so busy interacting and chatting with everyone. Moreover the menu is so tempting (and evil 😈) with all my favourite street food that I always want to order everything.

Don’t forget to buy some souvenir, you can buy a bottle of soya milk for next day’s breakfast or a jar of fermented bean curds. I love to mix a piece with plain rice or fry vegetables with it.

Sadly it has been announced that Kowloon City will be restructured and the shop owner had said that they will retire when the day comes.