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Apple Park Look Alike in Hong Kong

Where is this place?

We were asked about the shooting location of our launch video “Understand Hong Kong Geography in 1 minute”.

It is Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, in Kai Tak of the Kowloon side.

What is there

A huge Chinese restaurant, a western restaurant and cafe, one mini souvenir shop and... a super awesome rooftop park with Victoria Harbour view.

And Kai Tak Runway Park is next to it.

Under construction

The infrastructure of the terminal is in operation now, but the area around it is still under construction. Therefore the transportation to the terminal is not very frequent comparing to other tourist spots.

Think positive

Because the transportation is not very developed yet, you won’t see a lot of people there, which gives you a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere comparing to other popular spots. It’s all yours!!!


Take minibus 86 at MTR Kowloon Bay Station for about seven minutes; or, take bus 5R at MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station for about 32 minutes; or, take a ferry from Kwun Tong Public Pier for about 10 minutes; or, take a ferry from North Point Public Pier for about 20 minutes.



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