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Buying “Local Snacks” from Hong Kong Post Office

You can very soon e a set of “local snacks” including fishballs, stewed skewers, pineapple buns back home from local post offices.

It is because Hongkong Post will release a set of six stamps and a stamp sheetlet on April 22, under the theme of "Local Snacks in Hong Kong".

The special stamps will feature six traditional delicacies including fishballs, candy and coconut wrap, stuffed three treasures, stewed skewers and all sorts of local favorites.

The presentation pack is even modeled into a pack of egg waffles, designed with an element of a brown paper bag in a retro style.

This set of special stamps and associated philatelic products - a first day cover, mint stamps, a stamp sheetlet, a mini-pane, a presentation pack, a collector card and serviced first day covers will be placed on sale at post offices, starting from April 22.

If you are interested in ordering any of them, you can visit Hongkong Post website here:


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