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Cheaper Alternatives to Peak Tram

To visit Victoria Peak, riding Peak Tram is always the first choice. However, sometimes the line at the terminus is too long that people may need to queue up for more than an hour, not a pleasant experience during summer. Some people may prefer other ways to reach The Peak.

Bus: No. 15

This is the only bus route to get to The Peak. You can find its stops at:

  • Near Star Ferry Pier Pier Central no. 5

  • Bus terminal near Hong Kong station, below Exchange Square.

  • If you are in Wan Chai, you can find the stops at Queen's Road East also.

Minibus no.1:

There is a minibus no.1 which you can find its stop from the public transport interchange near Hong Kong Station, below IFC mall (*not the one below Exchange Square). This interchange is quite hidden. There are two entrances, one in Finance Street, one in Man Cheung Street. People usually access via Man Cheung Street.

To find the interchange:

1. Exit IFC Mall and find Man Cheung Street, go in the direction of the blue arrow.

2. Under the footbridge you will find this little entrance

3. Go in and you will find the minibus stop.


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