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Chinese New Year Guide: preparation at home in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in Chinese tradition. There are quite some traditions to follow.

1. Tidy up

On the 28th day of the 12th month in lunar calendar (which is 22nd Jan in 2020), Chinese people will need to tidy up their home in order to sweep away bad luck, and to prepare to welcome good luck as well as relatives and friends during Chinese New Year.

2. Decoration

House is cleaned. Then it should be decorated to have the atmosphere of "Chinese New Year" - basically to make it red, red and red. Red is a good colour in Chinese tradition. Buying (or writing) red banners or other decorations with good wishes, stick them on the walls and doors. Buy festive plants like orchids, narcissuses and kumquat trees. Also prepare fruit, food, and candies for visitors.

3. Gather with family

On the last day of the year which is the 30th of the 12th month in lunar calendar (24th Jan in 2020), family will gather to have a big feast at home. In modern time, people would do this gathering in the last two weeks of the year. Therefore Chinese restaurants and buffets are always full during this time. Make sure you make reservation before you visit the restaurant in Hong Kong.

Photo source: wenweipo


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