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Chinese New Year Guide: where to go BEFORE CNY in Hong Kong

Flower Markets

If you have read the guide about how to prepare for CNY, you should know how important it is to decorate your house with colourful and fragrant plants and flowers, food and New Year decorations.

Hong Kong people would go to street markets or flower markets to shop those things.

There are two jumbo-sized Flower Markets, one in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay and another one in Fa Hui Park in Sham Shui Po.

In recent years, there is a trend which shops are selling cute items like cushions or toys, and sometimes they are related to the latest social and political issues. However this year there are only flowers selling.

The admission is free and there will be packed with people, which is part of the Chinese New Year atmosphere of Flower Markets.

Where: 15 parks and playgrounds all over Hong Kong including Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island and Fa Hui Park, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.

Starting from today until the midnight of 24 Jan

Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair

Fa Hui Park

Address: 101 Boundary St, Prince Edward


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