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King Yin Lei, Billionaire's Mansion, Public Open Day in Summer 2019

It was one of the first luxury houses on the hillside of HK Island.

Also, it was “Han’s Mansion” in Bruce Lee’s movie - “Enter The Dragon”.

This was where some super rich asians used to live in 1930s.

King Yin Lei was built in 1937 by a local Chinese couple. The wife was one of the members of Li Sing family. Li Sing was the richest man in the late 19th century of Hong Kong. The couple decided to spend a fortune to make the house built in Chinese Renaissance style. At that time the salary of a housekeeper was one Hong Kong dollar a month, they spent six hundred thousand HK dollars to build the house.

Li Sing

That’s why the house is just magnificent.

Photo source:, by Doug Price

When you enter King Yin Lei, you will see a swimming pool. This was something really fancy 80 years ago especially in Hong Kong. The owners used to have poolside party every week with their rich friends.

The house is on the hill side of Hong Kong Island above Wan Chai.

A century ago Hong Kong had a law that “only non-Chinese residents are allowed to live in the peak area except the governor’s permission”. There were less than 5 exceptions at that time.

When you enter the house, you will see the main hall and furniture with the style of the 70s. They were owned by the second owner of the house since 1978.

The mansion has two dining halls, one in Chinese style with a round table and one in western style with a long table, classy.

Passing through the courtyard, the other side is the Rosewood hall where the host would treat the guests with some awesome tea.

The ground floor is mostly for the guests whereas the first floor is where the family lived.

You may be able to tell that the mansion has some features which look like the Chinese palace. Yes. The first owner hired officials from Ching dynasty as consultants to design the house , so they could live like a king and queen.