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This Dai Pai Dong is a Dessert Place?

We talked about enjoying handmade cuttlefish balls noodles at a Dai Pai Dong in Sham Shui Po. This time we talked about another unique Dai Pai Dong which offers Chinese dessert in Central.

“Yuk Yip“ “Leaf Dessert” was a Dai Pai Dong dessert place before combing with another shop which specialises at wonton noodles. Therefore nowadays they sell both wonton noodles and Chinese desserts.

They offer traditional Chinese desserts like red bean soup, green beans soup, black sesame Etc. Their tastes are all very original and good. Order your favourite one and enjoy the environment, under the historical Dai Pai Dong, imagine you were in HK in the old days.

Leaf Dessert

2 Elgin Street, Central


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