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Daily Flag Raising Ceremony

The public can watch the daily official flag-raising ceremony at Bauhinia Square, Wan Chai.

There are different “versions” of the ceremony. The “normal version” is performed every day but not the first day of every month. It is between 7:50-8:03am and is conducted by Hong Kong police officers in ceremonial uniforms. On the second Sunday of every month it is performed by different uniformed youth groups.

Another version is ”Upgraded version”. It is conducted on the first day of every month. The police officers will be dressed in full uniform.

Moreover, there is a "Supreme version", which is conducted on 1st July (Anniversary of HKSAR Establishment) & 1st October (National Day). The ceremony will start at 8am and the Chief Executive will join 2,400 guests, including senior government officials and community groups.

Up to 1,000 spectators can watch the ceremony from a designated area.


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