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Dine in & Enjoy Iconic Street Food of Hong Kong

Street food like curry fish balls are popular because it is cheap, simple and fast. There is a shop which allows you to dine in street food which gives you another experience.

Eaters can take out street food from the shop like curry fish balls, rice rolls, Siu Mai etc, just like other street food stalls in Hong Kong. At the same time people can choose to enjoy the food inside the store. In many Hong Kong street food stalls you can also find (faked) shark fins soup but it may not be easy to eat on the street. Here you can enjoy the soup with other food too (with AC). Not only you can choose to eat the soup only you can also choose to mix it with different things like shanghai noodles (something like udon), fish paste, or lettuce.

When you try the sharks fin soup, try the original taste first, and then add sesame oil, white pepper and red vinegar. You will taste the difference and be surprised.

For the curry fish balls, you can choose spicy type or non spicy type. They have pork cracklings noodles to choose also. Sharks fin soup and pork cracklings noodles are the two signature food here.

Tung Tat Eatery

48 Pitt Street, Yau Ma Tei


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