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Do you know the magic of Wonton Noodles?

Wonton noodles is "Shrimp Dumplings" (Wonton) with egg noodles. The type of egg noodles is made of duck eggs.

Wonton noodles is lovely. It is something that everyone can afford, and many Hong Kongers would miss it so much when they are out of town and it is the first thing they want to eat after getting back to Hong Kong.

How to define a good Wonton noodles?

Noodles, dumplings and soup base

Egg noodles shouldn't be overcooked and soggy. Chewy is the best texture of it.

Wonton skin should be thin. Shrimps should be fresh and chewy. Dried flounder powder is mixed with shrimp and pork to bring out the flavours.

Soup should be clear.

Learn this - "Sai Yung"

Wonton Noodles in some shops are small in portion, and they called it "Sai Yung".

Because if the noodles is too big in portion, it will sit in the soup for too long and become soggy, not good. Thus "Sai Yung" should have only 38grams of noodles and 4 pieces of Wonton. That is the standard size of a "Sai Yung".

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