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Environment-friendly & Instagrammable Bubble Tea Shop in Hong Kong

Bubble tea shop market in Hong Kong is so competitive that different shops have to create different concepts or gimmicks to attract more customers, not only tasty but also need to be instagrammable. There is a bubble tea shop in Mong Kok which is more than that.

”Cupfy” emphasizes environment friendly by reducing plastics from their drinks. If you choose “drink-in” they will offer the drinks in glass cup (not many bubble tea shops offer this service). If you choose takeout, they will offer paper cups instead of plastic cups. Plus the straws are made of tapioca starch which is biodegradable.

One of the drinks is very Instagrammable which is the Butterfly Pea with Lime. When it comes out it is in blue colour (because of butterfly pea), then the staff will pour lemon juice in front of you and it will become purple colour. Beautiful experience.

Address: Cupfy

Shop 3, G/F, Righteous Centre, 585 Nathan Road, Mong Kok


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