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Google Maps Tricks: Time Travel to 2009 and find out what has disappeared in Hong Kong!!

Google Maps has released a new function which you can change the time setting and check out the landscape of Hong Kong to 2009 with street view! If you have anything you have missed about Hong Kong, such as neon light signs, old models of Kowloon Bus, this may one of the ways which you can experience it again.

Here is the video about this function:

First of all, in order to do that you need to access to the desktop version of Google Maps. Search or pin anywhere you would like to “travel”. Then choose Street View.

Nathan Road in Mong Kok (2019)

Extend the window of the top left corner, you will be able to choose the years of Street View available. Let’s see I want to check out the neon light signs on Nathan Road 10 years ago, so I choose Nathan Road and then click 2009. Then 2009 version of Street View will be shown like this:

Nathan Road in Mong Kok (2009), still had quite some neon light signs.

The neon light signs look like they “re-appear“ in 2009. The feeling is quite complicated because it is a bit exciting to see them again but at the same time knowing it’s just a photo…

Go check out the Hong Kong within the last ten years and explore what has changed. Please comment below and let us know!


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