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Hidden Congee Porridge Restaurant You Must Try in Hong Kong!

A bowl of hot porridge can be very comforting especially in winter. However, in modern days, many people may be too busy in the morning rushing to school or work that they cannot afford the time to enjoy a bowl of tasty porridge. In fact this shop in Quarry Bay definitely worth your time to try it!

This shop has a very interesting name itself “Kam Fung Lang Lang” (金峰靚靚粥麵) whereas “Lang Lang” means “beautiful”. It is already very famous among the locals. The porridge is very impressive that it is so thick and rich in favour. I ordered one of the most common type of porridge which is century egg and pork. The century egg is a very good tasty one and the meat is so tender. My friend recommended pork liver porridge because the liver is very very fresh and tender also.

Don’t forget to order fried dough rolls. They are very crispy that you won’t regret it.

Perhaps maintaining such a good small restaurant in the neighbourhood is a tough work. It is well-known that the shop closes irregularly. Maybe you should call and see if they are open if you are visiting Hong Kong in a short period of stay.


2 Yau Man St, Quarry Bay

Tel: 25626821